A and A International Opticians

A and A International Opticians is a renowned and established optical company owned and managed by Ranee Ratnayeke, daughter of the late optical pioneer and founder of optometry Sri Lanka, Eric Rajapakse. She is also one of Sri Lanka’s most senior British qualified Opticians in the country. For over 50 years’, Ranee has contributed towards the successful growth and quality assurance of optometry in Sri Lanka, and has kept her family’s legacy spanning over a 100 years going through A and A International Opticians. She is also an active founding member of the Sri Lankan Optometry Association (S.L.O.A). 

We provide quality, and caring eye care services to help you see better and feel comfortable. 

The real essence in what we do, is how we do it – we combine very personal service, compassion, specialist expertise, trust and integrity, professionally.

When you visit our store, you will be met by familiar faces each time, and you build a wonderful relationship with your optician who will always understand your needs.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to keep you and your families’ eyes happy and healthy, while contributing to the communities we serve. 

A and A International exists to enhance vision clearness. We do everything remembering our clients. It is with this conviction we work each day to enable millions to enhance their vision and have better existences.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to nurture people’s vision through comfort and care, and empower you to see beyond the horizon, literally!

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